A Public Service Announcement


You may be wondering why this fierce and relentless creature is  staring you in the face here on a blog about the adventures of Col.Pat and Barb.  Worry not for us, for we have taken precautions to keep this devil at bay.

I’m referring to the preventable, and often curable, affliction of colon cancer.  We have seen this killer descend upon friends and family alike.

Col.Pat spent a year of her life taking care of her sister, Betty Ann, who was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer.  For someone to have their first encounter with this dreadful diagnosis at Stage IV means they have never availed themselves of the life-saving testing available via a simple colonoscopy.

Betty Ann was diagnosed at the age of 70 and never saw her 71st birthday.  Col.Pat was by her side during that horrific year to aid and assist her beloved sister through the odious path this disease puts one on.  Too late for surgery, the treatment of choice, in Western medicine, was a horrific course of chemotherapy.  The end result was death, not health.

No one, as they say, would want their worst enemy to suffer through this agony.  And no one has to.  A colonoscopy is only as unpleasant as the preparation for it.  You’ll spend a day considering the porcelain throne as your closest friend.  A thorough bowel cleansing is the prerequisite to a successful procedure.

Please don’t let the devil of colon cancer have its way with you.  Make an appointment now!  The life you save may be your own.


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