A Labor of Love



Is it truly labor when it comes so naturally from some people?

This picture was taken at the August 18, 2015 Sacramento LGBT Center Pride Awards.  Toni Atkins, Speaker of the California State Assembly, was awarded the Person of the Year award.  She was also the first openly gay person to serve as the acting governor of California for 9 hours on July 13, 2014.  We see her star continue to rise as she works for equality for all.  Will there be an elected governorship in her future?  We can certainly hope for that.  Her labor for the people of California is a natural extension of her love of justice for all.

The woman chosen as the recipient of the Advocacy Award was, non other than my wife, Colonel Pat Thompson.  I am privy to seeing her in action behind the scenes.  I have watched her careful consideration of a movement into activism over the years.  Having a military career and a high profile position precluded her from active participation in the fight for LGBT rights and equality until her retirement in 1994.

Once Col.Pat bid the military a fond farewell, she got on with making inroads into the job at hand.  She carried protest signs in various cities around the state.  She took on the mission of PFLAG by educating, advocating and supporting hundreds of people who entered the safe space of Greater Placer County PFLAG’s monthly meetings.  She is one of the smiling and hugging greeters at the door almost every month.  A true non-labor of love!

Marching in the San Francisco Pride Parade with PFLAG lights her up.  She’ll tell you how so many thank you’s, tears of gratitude, and applause fill the streets when the PFLAG contingent marches by the million-plus attendees.

Col.Pat works hard at being the best advocate for the LGBT community but it is not labor for her–it is love.

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