15 More Minutes


I don’t mean to drag out that old trope, “Everyone will have their 15 minutes of fame”,  but it seems that we are accruing little 15 minute nuggets here and there on the “E ticket” ride that has become our lives.RCB_20150730 LesbianColonel0807_ 028

The photograph above was taken during our interview with Sacramento Bee writer, Cynthia Hubert.  Bee photographer Renée Beyer, snapped some wonderful shots of us during the two hours we had the pleasure of their company.  The article can be read here:  http://www.sacbee.com/news/local/article29991720.html

Being in the “limelight” is an avenue for us to share our message.  The personal account we share is part of the process to educate, inform, and enlighten the public  about the inequities LGBT people have dealt with for decades.  Our story delves into how LGBT soldiers had to live before the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell on September 20, 2011.

Col.Pat and I take the privilege of having this public platform very seriously.   We want, diligently, to reiterate our desire to shed light on the hidden history of LGBT lives.  The passage of time and the wonderful far-reaching positive changes in our fight for social justice might sweep this history under the rug.  When that happens, the collective consciousness can forget how odious life had been.  Then the efforts to strip away the hard-won rights can raise their ugly heads, as they are now, with the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and similar laws, ordinances and propositions being brought to the voters.

We are on guard and keeping a vigilant eye on all that we hold dear in the battle for justice and equality.  Our fifteen minute nuggets may continue for a while and we will  honor that advantage to keep the dialogue active.


Renée Beyer, Col.Pat Thompson, Cynthia Hubert